Spiritual healing is a method where an individual with healing energy transfers the positive energy from themselves onto the person in need.

The positive energy is transferred using the hands of the ‘healer’.

Reiki is therefore a type of spiritual healing where Reiki the healer doesn’t need to touch the recipient for it to work.

The term spiritual refers to the energy source that is divine in nature and available to all without any discrimination.

During Reiki Attunements the group are taught to tap into their own personal positive energy to help heal themselves and others.

There is a belief that our spiritual energy affects our physical energy and vice versa. Therefore if we have a physical problem then the corresponding spiritual problem needs to be addressed as well to help heal ourselves.

Spiritually connected

Spiritual connection can be viewed as being more aware of ourselves and everything around us.

• It allows us to harness the positive energy to benefit all.
• This in turn will create a harmonious balance in body and mind.
• It will also help you to strengthen family relationships also with the community, religion, health and many others.

The positive energy gained from your heightened spiritual energy enables these to take place.

So how can you heighten your spiritual energy?

1. Spending time in meditation.
2. Prayer.
3. Interact with like-minded people.
4. Learn new things that help to grow your mind.
5. Have some ‘alone’ time to reflect.
6. Good exercise routine.
7. Sensible diet.
8. Do some voluntary work by helping others.
9. Love life and have some fun.

Is spiritual healing for me?

I believe that everyone deserves all the attention and support in order to start the healing process.

Healing is for everyone, but sadly there are those that genuinely believe that healing is not for them or that they don’t deserve it.

So they are sceptical and will not even give it a try.

Now I find that a big part of their problem lies in their negative belief, which affects the positive effect it will have on them.

Basically – the don’t think it will work!

Therefore I know that I need to change their mindset in order for the healing process to begin.

They need to acknowledge the problem (whether it is stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, headaches, physical injuries etc) and believe that they deserve to be healed.

So only when these are accepted can the healing process begin.

I fully understand that there are lots of other reasons why people will not have Reiki or any other type of spiritual healing.

It could be because:-

1. They may face ridicule by others.
2. Could have pressure from family and friends.
3. Cannot really see a positive outcome from the healing.
4. May only seek short term healing and give up after only one session.
5. Not have a proper understanding of what Reiki is about.
6. Cost.

Fortunately there are those that believe in it and can therefore help those in need to gain the confidence to start the healing journey.

So when your mind is ready for the positive energy, the body will then process it and balance is restored at last which will result in you being a more healthy, calm and happier individual.

Unfortunately, the positive energy can be blocked if you have negative thoughts and elements. This is why we ask you to try and keep ‘an open mind’.