Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone loved everyone – no quarrels, wars etc. We could all exchange a life of pain and fear for a life of love and happiness.

Sadly however, we all from time to time encounter instances and people whom we feel have wronged us in some way and find very hard to forgive or forget.

Holding a grudge is both mentally and physically unhealthy. The more you think of it, the more it stresses you out and upsets until eventually it could make you ill.

To preserve our spiritual and physical health we have to make an effort to address the issue of forgiveness. It may be easier to forgive yourself first before you start to forgive others whether you feel this is justified or not. (You may say “Well its not my fault why should I be the one to forgive.”)!

Only when you can manage to forgive yourself can you begin to forgive others.

As the saying goes – “Who is the perfect human being”?

When you at last let go of the problem that has been haunting you sometimes for years – the healing process can begin.

Try and remember that the mistake was in the past and therefore cannot be undone. You therefore do not need to take this mistake into the future if you leave the past forgiveness behind.

If you do not forgive you are constantly reminded of painful memories from the past. Practice forgiveness, open the door to a new way of thinking.

Some people believe that we can only forgive in the ‘after life’ however, we can practice it in ‘this life’ also.

We need to change our negative thoughts and behaviours into positive ones by firstly living in:-

  • Self love
  • Self trust
  • Total peace

This of course isn’t easy and takes considerable practice as you know ‘”old habits die hard”!

Here are my top 10 tips for practicing forgiveness:

  1. Try and live for now as if it’s the last moment you have, slow down and be less critical of yourself and others too.
  2. Value the important things in your life.
  3. Love those around you.
  4. Take comfort from the divine power you have within.
  5. Love yourself and others unconditionally.
  6. Always be mindful of any negative thoughts.
  7. Try and keep some loving thoughts and imaginations.
  8. Listen to some calm and soothing music.
  9. Trust your inner voice completely – if you feel something isn’t right it usually isn’t!
  10. Relax more and try to be less stressful.