During a meditation several years after his mystical experiences on Mount Kori-Yama, Dr Usui received these Reiki ideals. These ideals were given to him to add spiritual balance to his healing work.

Just for today, do not worry

  • To worry is to forget that there is a divine purpose in everything.
  • To worry about the past or the future is futile.
  • We should all try to do our best within our capabilities but there is no point worrying about imperfection.
  • When something negative occurs, it is only a lesson that needs to be learned.

Just for today do not anger

  • This does not mean that if you anger you are bad.  What is meant is that you should not hold on to anger.  It is natural to feel anger but then we must let it go.
  • Anger is to desire control, which results in feeling out of control.
  • When our expectations get the better of us we suffer anger.
  • Anger must be released, do not feel ashamed about it.

Honour your parents, teachers and elders

  • We are all of one source and our energy affects the energy of every other living being.
  • By respecting and being kind to others regardless of age, creed, colour and lifestyle who in turn can teach you something.
  • By learning to accept all aspects of ourselves and love ourselves unconditionally we learn to accept and love others unconditionally and vice versa.

Show gratitude to everything

  • To live in gratitude is to live in abundance.
  • Feel grateful for what you have received and what you will receive including the environment you live in.
  • As you acknowledge and give thanks for your blessings you will attract more blessings to you.

Earn your living honestly

  • When we face life honestly, we can clearly see the lessons we are here to learn and can complete them with less effort.
  • If you are honest with yourself you will project honesty into others.

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