Although I am no dream expert, dreams have always fascinated me for many years.

In fact dreams have been talked about even in ancient times and also in the Bible where some dreams have been listed.

Since then, much has been written about dreams by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, and there are many dream analysts around who would try to interpret your dreams.

Whilst dreams can be mysterious, happy, or even baffling, when they are scary they are then often known as nightmares.

There are even dream dictionaries that would give you the meaning of your dreams.

So why do we dream? Is it when we have spent a happy time or when something tragic happens in our lives?

I guess we all have dreams but can’t seem to remember them in the morning. A good way of remembering your dreams is to keep a ‘Dream Diary’. I have started to keep a ‘Dream Diary’ where I write down my dreams, especially if I felt they were important. If I don’t have time to write it all down at once, I simply jot down some useful bullet points which will jog my memory later on in the day, when I have a bit more time to write them in full. They certainly do make interesting reading.

Some people have an uncanny way of predicting events that would happen in the future through their dreams.

Do you have dreams that perhaps have come true?