We all know that if we have a good night’s sleep we wake up feeling refreshed and in a better frame of mind to start the day.

There are however, lots of reasons why our sleep can be disturbed therefore, we need to make certain lifestyle changes.

Here are a few tips you may like to try first which could help:


Regular exercise not only makes you feel good, it also energises and keeps you fit. Do try not to exercise too late in the evening as it would make it harder to relax.

Before going to bed:

Do not eat too late at night?

If you go to bed hungry you are more than likely to get up and ‘raid the fridge’ – so try and have dinner at least 3 hours before you go to bed allowing you to digest your food properly.

Wind down

Set a reminder to help you wind down on activities.

Listen to some music

Find some nice soothing music that can help you unwind.

Hot drinks

Hot cocoa or chocolate can work wonders.

Caffeine & Alcohol

Keep off the tea, coffee and caffeine especially before you go to bed.

Have a hot bath

This is a very good tip. Put in some of your nice perfume bubbles.

Make sure room is cosy and comfortable

But not too hot!

Few drops of lavender oil on your pillow

Or another nice spray you may have, make sure your pillow is comfortable.

Now for the Reiki bits that will also help when all else fails:

Healing Crystals

For those of you who have done the Reiki 2nd Degree Attunement, you will find the various wonderful healing properties of crystals. I find Amethyst and Rose Quartz very helpful and have a couple under my pillow.


Meditation can help when there may be other factors worrying you throughout the day which keep playing on your mind, especially before you go to bed.

If this is the case then the following exercise may help:

  • Close your eyes and try and take a deep breath and fill your lungs.
  • Breathe out slowly and let your shoulders drop.
  • Do this exercise three times.
  • Identify the problem(s) that has/have been worrying you.


Ask yourself – ‘CAN I/CAN’T I’ change this?

If the answer is that you CAN change what you are worrying about then:

  • Tell yourself you will put it on your ‘To-Do’ list to deal with it in the morning. (There is nothing you can do about it right now)!

If however you find that you CAN’T change what you are worrying about then:

  • Tell yourself it is of no use whatsoever trying to worry about something you can’t change.
Wheelie Bin Exercise

Visualise a wheelie bin by the side of you:

  • Think of each thing that you feel you can’t change.
  • Concentrate on them one at a time.
  • Open the lid of the Wheelie Bin.
  • Put each one into it and firmly shut the lid.
  • All these will be taken away on bin day and got rid of.

Do this exercise with any problems you may have had during the day.

I find this exercise very helpful and with practice I’m sure it will enable you to also have a more comfortable and restful sleep, waking up refreshed in the morning.


Count your blessings

There must be many blessings you have:

  • What were the nice positive things that happened today?
  • Do you have a loving close family?
  • Have you got a roof over your head?
  • Did you have three meals today?
  • Perhaps you met a friend for a coffee?
  • Maybe someone gave you a nice complement?
  • You went out for a nice walk in the countryside?
  • Have the job you wanted?
  • Etc etc (There may be lots more you can think of).

Love, blessings & light


Diana x