Losing something that is important to us can be very upsetting and stressful.

For example if perhaps we lost :

  • Keys – Would be very inconvenient for we would not be able to drive home or even open our front door.
  • Driving Licence/Passport/Bus Pass etc – Would have to apply for replacements which could all take time.
  • Credit and store cards – We would be worrying as to who might be using them.
  • Cash – Worrying depends on how much was involved.

All these things even though they are very stress related can perhaps be replaced at some time, therefore the stress and loss can be contained.

The problem lies with when we lose a friend, pet or family member, then the stress can be difficult to cope with, there is guilt and regret that will not go away.

We might ask ourselves the following:

  • Why did it happen to such a nice person?
  • Perhaps he/she worked too hard?
  • Didn’t know of a medical problem?
  • Exercised little or even too much?
  • Perhaps it was the diet?
  • Maybe I could have helped more?
  • Should have been more understanding?
  • Seen the signs earlier?

Do you withhold your emotions?

  • Not want to talk to anyone?
  • Will they laugh at me?
  • Better keep it to myself?
  • Will put on a brave face?

How will you cope?

  • Allow yourself to mourn
  • Take one day at a time
  • Accept that it was not your fault
  • Was out of your control
  • Forgive yourself
  • Accept feelings of guilt, anger, or relief as being normal stages of grieving
  • Avoid making any major decisions

It is therefore very important to understand the different stages we pass through in the grieving process in no particular order.

There is light at the end of the tunnel

  • Making a scrapbook with photographs etc
  • Give a donation to a suitable charity
  • Keep something to remember him/her by
  • Do something in his/her memory
  • Remember and talk about happier times spent
  • Write a personal letter
  • Talk to those who have experienced loss

So how can Reiki help you cope with loss?

  • Breathe in and out a few times dropping your shoulders each time.
  • Close your eyes and start with a short meditation with the chakras.
  • Fill yourself with Reiki healing to begin with.
  • Think of the person who you would like to send healing to.
  • Concentrate on that area for a few minutes.
  • Send Reiki healing to the loved one every night before you go to sleep.
  • Do your own personal affirmations.

Love, blessings & light


Diana x