Although I am no dream expert, dreams have always fascinated me for many years. In fact dreams have been talked about even in ancient times and also in the Bible where some dreams have been listed. Since then, much has been written about dreams by Sigmund Freud and...

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Reiki Ideals

During a meditation several years after his mystical experiences on Mount Kori-Yama, Dr Usui received these Reiki ideals. These ideals were given to him to add spiritual balance to his healing work. Just for today, do not worry To worry is to forget that there is a...

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How does Reiki heal?

It has now been possible to take photographs of this aura using a special camera and it has been discovered that when a person is not well his/her aura changes drastically.  When the flow of this energy is disrupted, it causes a diminished function in one or more of...

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How can meditation help you?

If you lead a hectic lifestyle a few minutes meditation can help you unwind, bring you back into balance and even give you inner peace. Meditating for a few minutes each day can have a tremendous benefit in easing your stress and improving your overall health. If...

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