Feeling devastated by the loss of your pet?

When a pet becomes part of your family or a close companion, they enrich your lives in so many ways. They can brighten your mood, influence your decisions and even make you laugh or cry. This is why the bond formed between you and your pet is so unique.

At Peaceful Harmony I offer professional Pet Bereavement Counselling to help you recover from your loss with empathy and understanding.

Putting on a brave face and trying to cope with your grief alone?
This may be because of the reaction of non-pet owners who perhaps do not understand that your dear pet meant so much to you. For this reason, you may be trying to cope the best way you can on your own.
When do you think you may ask for help?
When the loss becomes unbearable and you miss your dear pet so much that it causes anxiety and affects your sleep patterns and well-being.

As a fully qualified Bereavement Counsellor, I know about the grief process associated with the death of a much loved pet and can support you by helping to:

  • Identify that grief is experienced by everyone differently
  • Realise that some feelings can be more profound than others
  • Share your feelings so that you do not have to suffer in silence
  • Learn coping strategies to deal with issues on your own
  • Deal with the grief process and issues surrounding your loss

Pet Bereavement Counselling sessions can be face-to-face or conducted via a Skype call or telephone consultation where we can talk about your immediate issues and concerns. I will offer guidance on how to deal with your loss suggesting coping strategies that will help you. I will also provide follow-up support should this be needed. At every stage you will be listened to with sensitivity and given practical options, based on my many years of experience.

Blaming yourself or feel angry about what has happened?
When you experience any of these problems, you can sometimes feel angry about what has happened and desperately want to blame someone for your loss and misfortune.

When you are feeling so low, it’s easy to feel anger and blame at others or even yourself for not doing enough before it was too late.

You might feel a sense of panic if your pet was your closest (or only) companion. You might find yourself asking, ‘who is going to be such a loyal and true friend to me now?’

These feelings of anger and guilt can take many forms:

  • Perhaps about not doing something more to prevent the death; illness or disability of your pet, even though there was probably little more that could have been done
  • Not spending enough time with your pet or taking him or her for a walk every day
  • Worrying about having time off work to grieve if your employer does not understand how devastated you feel
  • Feeling abandoned by those who do not understand how much your pet meant to you
  • Being concerned about the reaction of your other pets’ grief
  • Not giving your love and comfort to your other pets as you are bereaved yourself

Want to discuss your specific circumstances?

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How I can help you?

My role when providing Pet Bereavement Counselling is to explicitly give my time and attention to you as my client. This is done with complete confidentiality and I will never make judgements, whatever you share with me. Above all, my passion is to:

  • Help you adjust to your changed situation
  • Give you the opportunity to be heard, cry, shout or maybe just think things through
  • Help you to sort out your feelings and confusions and bring some order to your chaotic world
  • Give you the right to show your feelings and not put on a brave face if you don’t feel like it
  • Where appropriate suggest and discuss other possible sources of help

Essentially, I give you the opportunity to explore; discover and clarify better ways of living more resourcefully and towards greater well-being. My aim is to help you arrive at your own decisions so that you can become more in charge and make positive changes in your life.

This will enable you to take the initiative to say exactly how you feel in a safe and supportive environment so that you can continue to live your life with love and dignity and move forward.

Remember plenty of love and hugs to family, friends and any other pets you may have is ALWAYS a good thing!